Communicate efficiently within distributed teams

Strengthen connectedness in your organizational L&D and reduce misalignment

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  • Higher employee productivity

    Streamline organizational processes and improve employees’ productivity with efficient communication in the hybrid work era.
  • Superb performance

    If employees understand targets and deadlines and receive proper feedback, the overall company performance metrics are ultimately boosted.
  • Improved knowledge-sharing

    With a well set internal business communications strategy, knowledge sharing and organizational knowledge become easy.
  • Better company culture

    Buildi a positive company culture and workplace environment. Companies that communicate in a transparent and open way have a much healthier work atmosphere, employee motivation and satisfaction.
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Efficient internal communication does the work

  • 3.5x

    more probability to outperform competition with effective communication
  • 20-25%

    That's how much team productivity can increase with effective communication tools
  • 4x

    bigger probability to engage employees with a formal communication strategy

All teams aligned on their development journey

Create strong relations and strengthen your company L&D

Our approach is that people work best when they are connected and have a centralized source of information to perform well in their role. HCM Deck helps activate social learning and support the development of teams no matter their lines and mode of work.

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Our game-changing approach to working together towards your goals

  • Agile approach

    You can start work with HCM Deck in a couple of weeks. We are agile, in the way we consult, deliver, and think about or solution impact. At the same time, we're enterprise-ready, so you sleep well at night.
  • People first

    The human-to-human approach is particularly needed in the hybrid mode era. L&D is for employees, and this is how we design our product and provide services. All this with an exceptional employee and customer experience.
  • New mindset

    The world is changing, so is Employee Development. Enterprise solutions are often becoming obsolete from day one. We always look forward and ensure that your employees use the best of the breed in the field.

Powerful communication at work

Our customers from various industries embraced connectedness across their teams and deliver high business results.

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