Our enterprise clients

  • Streamline company news

    Channels are great when you need to share company news with everyone.
  • Channels for everyday work

    Can create Channels for teams, locations and projects where people can share files, links, inspirations or celebrate successes.
  • For those who learn a lot

    Create a Channel for people who take part in the same training, let them share the feedback and discuss with coaches.
  • Colleagues will be friends

    Use Channels as a space for new employees. A place where they can get to know each other better and integrate.
  • Where your company culture finds its place

    Create a Kudos channel, hobby Channel, run competitions, quizzes and make the company culture thrive.

Channel-based communication

Constructive communication in the workplace creates a healthy company. Bring order to chaos and heal your company's internal communication today.


Why choose Channels?

Check the stats

You always know who saw the news.

Don’t miss the beat

Pin your update at the very top of the post. Nobody will miss it!

Say more with video, gif or image

You don’t have to stick to the words. Attach a file, add image, gif or video.

Private or public?

You can choose between 3 privacy settings and create Public, Private or Secret Channel.

Remind someone with @

Need to add someone to the discussion? Just type @, choose the right profile and that person will get a notification not-to-be-missed.

Better together

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