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Build a feedback-rich culture

Run employee feedback cycles, pulse checks and other surveys. Understand your employees better and give them a helpful, actionable feedback they deserve and need.


The feedback that moves your company forward

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  • Employee experience measured and improved

    Creating a stellar employee experience is critical. HCM Deck helps you run and collect any kind of feedback you need to boost the satisfaction and engagement of your employees.
  • Give and ask for feedback

    Feedback is priceless. It gives people the power to grow and do better. HCM Deck helps you collect feedback from everyone in the org, so you can build a feedback culture where everyone feels valued and trusted.

Say goodbye to tiresome employee feedback

See how HCM Deck's Employee Feedback can help your team.

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Pulse? Checked!

Collect regular feedback with employee pulse check surveys.

90 and 180 degree Employee Feedback

Conduct 90 and 180 degree Employee Feedback and in a structured and painless way.

Increase employee satisfaction with Surveys

Dive deeper and understand more – no matter if you need to check employees’ satisfaction after training or ask them for opinion.

Set up a detailed competency profile

Create a compelling skills profile for every employee with numeric or descriptive scale and behaviors.

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