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Our enterprise clients

  • Blend it!

    Create advanced, enterprise-ready learning programs with classroom training courses, documents, videos, e-learning courses, knowledge base pages and tests.
  • Move beyond the classroom training

    Redefine your learning strategy and reduce the cost of classroom training.
  • Measure your learning success

    Configure dynamic reports, export data, study and measure your success and its impact on the business.
  • Get valuable insights

    Track files, check results and get valuable insight. Understand how your employees are engaging with the content.
  • Welcome everybody in the best possible way

    Automated onboarding eliminates paperwork and helps your employees feel at home in their new job.
digital learning

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Get a central place to store, access and organize all your learning resources.


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Your employees on the right learning path

Organize your learning content in educational paths and share it with employee

Design a stellar employee onboarding

Give your new hires an onboarding program created to guide them through their first days in the company.

Gain new knowledge and new skills

When you finish a path, you gain new knowledge and brand new skills which are updated in your profile.

Custom notifications

With HCM Deck, you can set up a default or custom notification sent to employees, coaches and managers.

Advanced permissions

Your employees can apply for the paths by themselves. Or not. You can set up time limits. Or not. You decide what will work for your org.

Choose your formats

We supports files in any format: PowerPoint presentations, pdf, doc, mp3, video, SCORM.

Delegate tasks

Delegate tasks to all your employees. Stay in touch and never miss a deadline.

Compliance ready

Your employees are always up-to-date because the training sessions are renewed every couple of days or months.

Learning programs

It’s the detailed development plan for each employee that connects learning content, classroom courses, tasks, quizzes and Knowledge Base.

Better together

Knowledge Base

Boost knowledge sharing in your organisation

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Be an A+ company

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Classroom Training

Instructor-led classroom training

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