I. General provisions

  1. Service within the meaning of the Regulations means: a service provided electronically by HCM Deck to the Customer with the access to an online platform allowing testing of functionalities related to human resource management, e.g. company knowledge base, LMS platform, onboarding, employee assessment and other modules supporting HR processes in the organization (hereinafter: “Service”).
  2. The Service is provided by HCM Deck sp. o.o. (limited liability company) based in Kraków at Kluczborska 17/2 St., 31-271 Kraków, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for Kraków Śródmieście in Kraków, XI Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS numer: 0000717370, with the tax identification number NIP: 9452216507, share capital: PLN 6,350.00 .
  3. The Service is a demonstration version, and allows the Customer to test the functionality and specification of the commercial version of a service – available for a fee.
  4. To use the Service, it is necessary for the Customer to have a device enabling access to the Internet. The device should be characterized by the following technical specification: Processor min. 1000 MHz, RAM memory: min. 512 MB, web browser: support for HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, with enabled cookies, as well as using mobile devices equipped with an internet browser.
  5. The Service if free of charge.
  6. The Service provided to the Customer is non-exclusive and the Customer shares the given space along with other Customers, which means that data such as comments, photos, videos or any other materials added by the user can be displayed by other Customers.
  7. HCM Deck reserves the right to limit or remove Customer’s access to the Service without giving a reason.
  8. The Service can be used only by entrepreneurs/companies.
  9. HCM Deck is not responsible for any damage incurred by the Customer in connection with the use of the Service.
  10. The Customer may process personal data within the framework of the Service only in the event of a prior conclusion of the Data Processing Agreement (“DPA”) with HCM Deck.

II. Submission for Services

  1. Service usage is preceded by the Customer’s order sent via the online panel, after prior approval of these Regulations and consent to the personal data processing necessary to send the link activating the Service. Details regarding personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy.
  2. If necessary, after receiving the order, HCM Deck may contact the Customer to confirm the order and to conclude additional terms of the Service, explain technical specifications, offer assistance, or present a commercial offer.

II. Rules of usage

  1. The Customer is obliged to use the Service in accordance with its intended use indicated in point I.1. and IV of the Regulations.
  2. The Customer, in particular, has no right to use the Service in a manner that disrupts the access of the Service to the other Customers’ shared space.
  3. It is prohibited to use the Service to publish sexually explicit or pornographic content, offensive content, content that promotes racial or any other discrimination, xenophobic content or content that promotes totalitarian systems od state.

IV. Obligation to comply with the law

  1. The Customer is obliged to use the Service in a manner consistent with the intended purpose and not infringing the rights of third parties and the provisions of applicable law.
  2. In the event of receiving information about the unlawful use of the Service, and in particular about the unlawful nature of data stored by the Customer, HCM Deck has the right to block the Service and delete or secure this data.
  3. The Customer undertakes to cooperate in countering unlawful activities of users, with whom the Customer shares the Service. The Customer is responsible for the manner of using the service by third parties with whom the Customer shares the Service.

V. Complaint proceedings

  1. In case of any reservations related to the Service, the Customer has the right to contact HCM Deck by e-mail or by telephone. Reservations should include: Customer data enabling contact, including data enabling identification of the person submitting the complaint as a Client; circumstances justifying reservations.
  2. HCM Deck will take care to respond to customer’s reservations within 7 days from the date of their submission.
  3. Due to the free of charge and demonstrative character of the Service, HCM Deck does not guarantee that the reservations made by the Customer will be resolved.

VI. Final provisions

  1. In matters not regulated in these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and the Privacy Policy shall apply.
  2. Each change of the Regulations will be published on the HCM Deck website.
  3. Version of Regulations: 27/09/2018.