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Our enterprise clients

  • Evaluate training success

    Use Tests as an exam tool or quiz maker to measure the effectiveness of a training program and evaluate training.
  • Find the skill gaps & make your learning better

    Analyze trainees’ answers after the training to improve educational programs and identify skill gaps.

Measure training success 

Evaluate the impact of training in your organisation with tests and quizzes. The more data you collect, the easier it will be to measure the training effectiveness.

  • How will you ask?

    Use single and multiple choice questions, YES / NO questions, open-ended questions or Likert-type scales.
  • Exam features

    Create the comprehensive exam with personalized notifications, thresholds, attempt limits, time limits and certifications.
  • Dive deeper with Stats & Insights

    Check the percentage of correct answers, find out how the responses changed and calculate results for a group of users, for selected period, or attempt.
  • Automated pre- and post training tests

    Tests come after training — it’s natural. In HCM Deck it is also automatic. Your employees get a test before and after the training session.
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HCM Deck Values

Why big companies choose HCM Deck

  • People first

    We believe in a human-to-human approach and we're people-centric in the way how we design products and provide services. All this with an exceptional customer and user experience.

  • Agile approach

    You can start work with HCM Deck very swiftly. It won't be a project that drags on for years. We are agile, in the way we consult, deliver, and think about or solution impact.

  • New mindset

    The world is changing, so is Employee Development. We're looking forward and ensuring that your employees use the best of the breed in the field.

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