Your security is our priority

HCM Deck offers a highly secure and reliable environment you can trust.

Our certification

We’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of security.

  • Protection

    Our infrastructure has been designed to keep our clients' data secure. All communication between our clients’ devices and HCM Deck is protected with strong encryption protocols.
  • Credibility

    External audit are conducted in order to verify our compliance with data protection regulations. We've received the highest possible grades from online SSL scanning tools.
  • Reliability

    Our priority is to provide value to our clients at all times. We deliver on this promise by maintaining a high level of service reliability and offering different forms of personalized support.

HCM Deck for Enterprise

HCM Deck offers a series of enterprise-compliant features that allow our clients to manage their teams in a secure yet flexible manner. HCM Deck can be adapted to your organizations’ processes and regulations so that you can streamline the onboarding process.

Why enterprise organisations choose HCM Deck

  • HCM Deck can be up and running in less than 3 months, even for organizations with >20k employees.
  • HCM Deck is able to automate repetitive business processes at scale: employee appraisal, online and classroom training, onboarding, and more.
  • We have implemented tools and processes (e.g. penetration tests, monitoring, data separation, vulnerability assessments and backups) to support the high standard of data protection at the company.

Do you have questions?

We are transparent about our security practices. Reach out to us with any further questions.