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  • It’s transparent

    Your employees know what’s going on and what’s expected of them. Managers can check their development.
  • It’s measurable and data-driven

    You know if the L&D budget is money well spent and how the coaches and employees perform. Your L&D is finally data-driven.
  • It’s cost-effective

    Features like finding a replacement or Virtual Budget will keep your training budget and resources in a good shape.
  • It’s automated, as it always should be

    The process of scheduling and managing hundreds of classroom training is automated, transparent and Excel-free.
  • It fits your needs

    Every company is different and has its own training strategy. That's why HCM Deckis a versatile tool that fits your learning culture.
  • It’s for compliance

    You keep the compliance training up-to-date, because the sessions are renewed every couple of days or months.

Ideal solution for large enterprises

Get the most out of your instructor-led classroom training.


Explore all available features

Enterprise-wide productivity with Workflows

Set up advanced automated workflows that will boost your company’s efficiency and improve your processes.

Training requests

Simplify the process of reporting training requests. Set the right flow and configure functions you need.

Automatic notifications

Post training tests and surveys, reminders and other notifications appear automatically.

Virtual Budget

Ready for gamification? Employees earn points for completed courses, which they can exchange for access to further training.


Control, calculate and analyse your learning costs.

Course calendar

Preview all the training courses in your online calendar. Browse courses by category, name or date.

Better together

Knowledge Base

Boost knowledge sharing at your organization

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Be an A+ company

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Digital Learning

Take your L&D to the next level

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