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Deliver powerful, company-wide L&D aligned with people and business needs

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Enterprise clients trusted HCM Deck

  • Support employee career development

    94% of employees say they stay at a company longer if it invests in their career progress. You can see to it in an automated way by designing high-quality, personalized development programs.
  • Boost their job satisfaction

    As many as 9 in 10 of workers want their employer to offer more learning opportunities. Give them to your employees and provide them with the mix of learning experiences. Blended, digital or classroom.
  • Make them ready for the future

    Already 1 in 4 adults report a mismatch in their current skill-base and the actual skills they need. 1.4 million US jobs will be disrupted by technology between now and 2025. The right L&D strategy is crucial in reskilling your workers.
  • Unleash their creativity

    Ongoing employee development skillfully boosts creativity – which makes room for innovation in your company. Support your employees with a range of engaging learning content distributed to them automatically when they want and need to learn.
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Learning & Development in numbers

  • 40-60%

    cost reduction when switching to digital learning
  • 90%

    of employees want their company to offer more training and development opportunities
  • 14.82 mln $

    is the possible cost of non-compliance in the workplace when compliance training is not performed.

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L&D is just one part of employee development journey

Employees on the right learning path

Streamline your learning efforts across the entire company and build a learning organization. HCM Deck will help you create an experience that will bring out the best in them.

The HCM Deck way

Our game-changing approach to working together towards your goals

  • People first

    We believe in the human 2 human approach, which is especially needed in the hybrid mode era. L&D is for employees, and this is how we design our product and provide services. All this with an exceptional employee and customer experience.
  • Agile approach

    You can start work with HCM Deck in a couple of weeks, not months. or years. We are agile, in the way we consult, deliver, and think about or solution impact. At the same time, we're enterprise ready, so you sleep well at night.
  • New mindset

    The world is changing, so is the Employee Development. Enterprise solutions are often becoming obsolete from day one. We're looking forward and we bring the new mindset and ensure that your employees use the best of the breed in the field.

Inspiring L&D case studies

Check out the stories from our customers and get inspired how much you can gain by boosting your L&D strategy with HCM Deck

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