Our enterprise clients

  • Emails are so 1990!

    It's hard to run a discussion by email. With Messages, you’ll forget about nervous inbox refreshing and SPAM.
  • Your non-desk employees in touch, not in distance

    Give non-desk employees software that will make them feel part of the team.
  • Culture is built upon a communication

    The modern messaging app can help you establish a positive employee experience and culture.

Send the right message

HCM Deck's internal chat tool helps make communication fast and easy.

  • Emails are so 1990!

    Share your thoughts, ideas and news with anyone in the company.
  • ...or you need to talk with more people

    A joint project to talk about? Add up to 30 people to and start the conversation.
  • Available as iOS and Android app

    Download an app and stay in touch outside
    of the office.
  • Who will you talk with?

    Search by name, surname and position.

Our values

Why choose HCM Deck?

  • It’s a fast start, not a false start

    HCM Deck is ready to go in eight weeks, so you can focus on using, not dealing with technical obstacles.

  • You’re not just a client. You’re a friend

    We do everything to make sure that you’re in the right place, with great customer success team supporting, guiding and cheering for you.

  • A design made for people

    Friendly and intuitive design makes your people feel comfortable and confident.

  • Enterprise-ready

    HCM Deck supports all enterprise requirements: SLA, support services, professional services, and GDPR.

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