Our enterprise clients

  • One tool that supports all your needs

    Create any kind of survey: employee engagement, job satisfaction, candidate experience or pulse check.
  • Looks and feels good

    Create personalized notifications, limits, thresholds and get some satisfaction!
  • Make your learning better with Surveys

    Surveys can help you gather feedback before and after our classroom training sessions. It's a great source of insights.

Make sure everybody's heard

Keep your finger on the pulse of your organisation's health. Create a space where all employees can voice their remarks.


Measure your teams' engagement, happiness and get valuable feedback

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  • Pulse check? Checked

    Create a pulse check survey and measure the engagement and satisfaction of your employees.
  • How will you ask?

    Use single and multiple-choice questions, YES / NO questions, open-ended questions or Likert-type scales.
  • Export and insights ready

    Export the results, dive deeper and understand more.

HCM Deck Values

Why HCM Deck is different

  • Implementation is a sprint, not a marathon.

    HCM Deck is ready to go in eight weeks, so you can focus on using, not dealing with technical obstacles.

  • You’re not just a client. You’re a friend.

    We do everything to make sure that you’re in the right place, with great customer success team supporting, guiding and cheering for you.

  • A design made for people

    Friendly and intuitive design makes your people feel comfortable and confident.

  • Enterprise-ready

    HCM Deck supports all enterprise requirements: SLA, support services, professional services, and GDPR.