Automate and digitalize your HR and L&D

Speed up processes and focus on the bigger picture

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  • Reduce cost and generate savings

    Eliminating human errors and automating menial tasks reduces the huge cost factor associated with HR and L&D software.
  • Provide a top-notch experience

    Provide employees with a consumer type of presence at work, let them have richer digital experiences and help them find what they need 24/7.
  • Tackle the increasingly complex processes

    Free yourself up to take on bigger-picture matters. Automation removes most of the manual effort that has plagued HR and L&D departments for decades, such as assigning training.
  • Keep one source of materials and processes

    Measure, monitor, and keep development processes for all employees in a centralized manner, instead of having them scattered in many places.
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Automation and digitalization bring tangible results

  • 200 mln $

    can be saved on the training budget with digital training solutions
  • 10-20%

    savings on benefits and HR delivery thanks to the automated processes
  • 14 hours / week

    is the additional time you can get when menial tasks are no longer a problem

Automated & digital employee development journey

Automate and digitalize to develop your organization

Manual work should no longer be the case in modern companies. The costs of human errors in L&D and HR is counterproductive and impedes the value HR and L&D can bring to business. With the use of HCM Deck solutions, our customers can focus on what really matters: people.

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The HCM Deck way

Our game-changing approach to working together towards your goals

  • Agile approach

    You can start work with HCM Deck in a couple of weeks, not months. or years. We are agile, in the way we consult, deliver, and think about or solution impact. At the same time, we're enterprise-ready, so you sleep well at night.
  • People first

    The human-to-human approach is particularly needed in the hybrid mode era. L&D is for employees, and this is how we design our product and provide services. All this with an exceptional employee and customer experience.
  • New mindset

    The world is changing, so is Employee Development. Enterprise solutions are often becoming obsolete from day one. We're looking forward and we bring the new mindset and ensure that your employees use the best of the breed in the field.

Goodbye manual, hello automation

HCM Deck clients rely on our product to drive performance and save time.

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