Our clients

  • Goal: upskilling

    With HCM Deck's 360° review you hone in on employees' strengths and areas to improve. The platform makes it easy to add
    skills required in your org. You may break them down into behaviors expected at a given level – and reviewers will give feedback to them, not to the person.
  • Honest and based on experts' experience

    Our 360° review has been created in close cooperation with our clients and experts, who know the tool like the back of their hand! They recommended to e.g. make the review transparent: both approvers
    and participants can see the answers after the process is done.
  • We respect your time

    It takes three steps to create the 360-degree survey form in HCM Deck. When you base the review on skills, there is no need to think about typing in the questions. They are set automatically.
  • Flexibility is everything.
    At least in a big org

    So much can change throughout the review process! That's why, on our platform, the important elements of 360-degree review are not set in stone. This is the case of choosing the approver of skills' level after the review. You can always change them.
  • Development available right away

    Every reviewer has the option to show examples of given behaviors or skills in practice. After the entire process, you can see skills gaps and the difference between the skill level. This way you can easily assign specific courses to an employee after the development conversation.
  • Level up?

    In HCM Deck, the development of your employees is visible and visual. Does the participant in the process live up to all the requirements? Time to level them up and set new challenges for them!

Give your employees autonomy, track the process

In HCM Deck's 360° review it's the employee who nominates their reviewers. You and their manager can always view the development of the entire process on your dashboards.

  • Best practices

    A blue speech bubble with best practices can accompany you at every step of creating the process. No need for additional research!
  • Feedback is post-deadline?

    If a reviewer does not give feedback on time you may always make the deadline longer for them.
  • Not able to answer?

    A well-conducted 360° Review is not about making people answer when they do not have the full knowledge. This is why the reviewer can simply tick the option "Not able to answer" in any question.
  • Automatic reminders

    Setting the deadline itself increases the chances of getting feedback from the reviewer on time. In HCM Deck you can also set automatic reminders within a chosen number of days ahead of the final day.
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