Speed up and support the readiness to work of new hires. Help newbies turn into high performers.

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onboarding journey

Support their journey, starting from day one


Get on board

Create a compelling learning program that includes modules, webinars, videos, surveys, and more. All dedicated to your new hires. All engaging.


Tackle first tasks

Step by step: first learning, then practical tasks. Equip employees with new skills and give them practical tasks that can be supervised by managers and buddies.


Get feedback

Get a pulse on how their onboarding experience has been. Improve the process for future new hires.

Design an optimal onboarding experience

Quick and effective

Onboarding training

Get your new hire acquainted with all the important knowledge without putting a lot of manual work into it.

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Same quality for thousands

Efficient Delivery & Operations

Onboarding with HCM Deck as personalized as it can be is also automated and is widely used in large and rapidly expanding organizations with no harm to the quality.

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  • Real benefits for the business

    Higher retention rate, increased employee productivity, low turnover and real savings for the company. The impact of effective onboarding is enormous and proven.
  • Engage virtually

    Remote onboarding? No problem! Better onboarding experience for hybrid teams leads to higher engagement and well educated and knowledgeable employees.

Onboarding and training effectiveness – proven!

Check out stories from companies like Leroy Merlin or Idea Money to get inspired by how much you can gain.

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A well-designed onboarding with HCM Deck allows to