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Personal, scalable and data-driven onboarding


Keep the process (and data) under control

Managers can check how new team members are doing at any time. As an administrator, you can export results to analyze onboarding data and send reports to C-level.


Analyze feedback and make your onboarding (even) better

Investigate the sentiment of new employees through pulse checks and surveys. Analyze their results to introduce improvements to the entire onboarding process.


The scale is everything

Managing onboarding in a company that employs hundreds of employees every month isn’t easy. But it’s possible. With HCM Deck you can manage the onboarding of many people at once, without feeling that the process is generic.

Support your employees, starting with their first moments in the company


Creating engaging learning paths

Create a compelling learning program that includes modules, webinars, videos, surveys, and more. All dedicated to your new hires. All engaging.

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Your task: make a good start

Step by step: first learning, then practical tasks. Equip employees with new skills and give them practical tasks that can be supervised by managers and buddies.

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Gather insights along the way

Get a pulse on how their onboarding experience has been. Improve the process for future new hires.

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With the onboarding powered by HCM Deck, we’ve managed to reduced turnover and boost productivity of employees after their first month of work from 40% up to 70%.

Rajmund Jasiński

Training Manager

It all started with the need to implement one tool for all Cyfrowy Polsat Group, i.e. many subsidiary companies, over 15 000 users, many different needs and expectations. Luckily, we came across HCM Deck. This is a story of a quick friendship and a quick implementation.

Anna Wąsowska

Anna Wąsowska

Project Manager

  • Real benefits for the business

    Higher retention rate, increased employee productivity, low turnover and real savings for the company. The impact of effective onboarding is enorumous and what's more important - proved.
  • Onboarding is just the beginning

    An onboarding program will be useful when you are introducing a new product, run a new project or you want to retrain your employees.

See how well-designed onboarding process allowed Leroy Merlin to