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We want to make enterprise employee development that is both business- and employee-centric, more productive, forward-thinking, and friendly.

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We’re a bunch of people who are veterans of L&D and Talent Management and who remain truly fascinated by employee development. We create HCM Deck, the employee development journey platform.

company values

Values that drive us


Let’s grow

We care about growth – as a company, as a team, and as individuals. As HCM Deck, we empower our clients to grow their organization by developing their employees. We always see plenty of opportunities to take on new challenges, think outside the box and experiment. We believe that learning never ends and we can always get better thanks to diligent work, tested strategies and knowledge shared by others.


Team up

We know we can grow only if we play as a team. The biggest success stories are never written by one person. It’s the effort of a bunch of smart and engaged people who support each other and work towards common target. We need to rely on each others’ skills and help one another if we want to succeed. We also believe in sharing a journey and joining forces with our clients, as our goal is to help them achieve their goals.


Listen & speak up

Open and transparent communication is the key for successful teamwork. We don’t sweep things under the rug – instead, we build a culture where all voices are heard and all raised concerns are addressed. We are active listeners, lovers of constructive feedback and advocates of transparency. We share our victories and talk openly about failures.


Own & act

We walk the talk and hold ourselves accountable for our decisions, actions and results. We don’t pass the buck – we encourage a proactive approach and positive attitude towards finding solutions. Everyone can make a difference if we only have a clear vision, a goal in mind and a plan how to achieve it. In the end, we’re all responsible for the well-being of our organization, and for the high-end products and services we deliver.


Put people first

Organizations are not just processes, goals and KPIs. Organizations are people, with their unique combination of skills and ambitions. We all deserve to be recognised, valued and treated equally. Only in such an environment, we have a chance to thrive. That’s why HCM Deck is designed with employees’ needs in mind. We want all employees to rise to the potential and achieve more in everyday work.


… and have fun along the way!

Working in a company with a startup vibe sounds like a lot of fun. But the truth is, it takes hard work and dedication of the whole team. And that requires tight teamwork and lots of trust. That’s why it’s important to have fun at work, as it is often laughter that brings us closer, forges bonds, and makes us a strong team. Work itself can be fun too, if we celebrate our successes, keep friendly relationships with our partners, and have a blast during our events.

Leadership Team

  • Szymon Janicki photo

    Simon Janicki

    CEO | Co-founder

  • Rafał Niesłuchowski photo

    Rafał Niesłuchowski

    CTO | Co-founder

  • Szymon Janicki photo

    Simon Janicki

    VP of Global Sales


    VP of People and Organization Development

  • Kamil photo

    Kamil Wójcik

    Head of Customer Success

  • Magda W photo

    Magda Werminska

    Head of Marketing

  • Mateusz Miodek

    Head of Product

  • Joanna Piekarz-Nitkiewicz

    Head of Engineering

  • Filip Szczeciński

    Head of Operations

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