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Support stability and continuity in the organization


When employees leave, knowledge stays

Support succession, exchange of knowledge and experiences between employees in the company so that valuable knowledge doesn’t go away with the employee.


Improve employer branding

Well-executed offboarding and outplacement help to maintain a positive employer brand image – no harmful word of mouth will prevent people from applying for a role in your organization.


Do more than just HR operations

Operational activities are one thing. But knowing the reasons for leaving and drawing overall conclusions is equally important. With HCM Deck both things are possible and easy.

Design a good offboarding & outplacement experience

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Keep the knowledge inside your company

Employee departure usually affects the team spirit. But it doesn't have to affect your business operations. With HCM Deck, you can manage knowledge transfer within your company.

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Streamline operations & prevent turnover

Create a streamlined offboarding process tailored to the needs of your organization across departments and mix operational workflows. Analyze its results and understand what you can improve to keep your top talents at the company.

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Support your employees leaving or staying

Help employees who are transitioning due to redundancy and guide them through professional aspects of outplacement. Guard your reputation, keep the employees that stay engaged and generate significant savings with virtual reorientation service.

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  • Be data driven and employee centric

    Analyze data from exit interviews and learn what you can do to keep your most valuable employees for longer.
  • Keep teams undisrupted

    Thanks to outplacement teams that stay in the company can remain engaged and with the right offboarding processes you avoid costly data breaches.

300,000+ happy employees

Check out stories from companies like Decathlon and Qubus Hotels. Get inspired by how much you can gain.

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Offboarding by HCM Deck: engaging, efficient, enterprise-ready