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Automated, versatile and friendly offboarding with HCM Deck


Do more than just HR operations

Operational activities are one thing. But knowing the reasons for leaving and drawing overall conclusions is equally important. With HCM Deck both things are possible and easy.


When employees leave, knowledge stays

Support succession, exchange of knowledge and experiences between employees in the company so that valuable knowledge doesn’t go away with the employee.


Say goodbye in the best manner

Build a team spirit and say goodbye to employees in the best possible way. Get your whole team involved!

Design a good offboarding experience

Automation and data

Keep your best talent

Create an offboarding process tailored to the needs of your organization, mix operational workflows with in-depth exit interviews. Analyze its results and understand what you can improve to keep your top talents at the company.

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Knowledge management

Keep the knowledge inside your company

Employee departure usually affects the team spirit. But it doesn't have to affect your business operations. With HCM Deck, you can manage knowledge transfer within your company. Skill profiles, training paths and programs as well as a Knowledge Base will help you with this.

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Celebrate togetherness

Departures are difficult, but they can also be an opportunity to celebrate together. Involve the whole team and make a great impression. Your employees will appreciate it and the employer's brand will benefit too.

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  • Be data driven and employee centric

    Analyze data from exit interviews and learn what you can do to keep your most valuable employees for longer.
  • Keep the knowledge inside the company

    It's never too early to start working on knowledge succession, which should be an integral part of the organizational culture. No valuable knowledge will ever disappear with the employee's departure.

Offboarding by HCM Deck: engaging, efficient, enterprise-ready