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  • Communicate

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  • Collect Feedback

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    • Employee Feedback

      Run a successful Employee Feedback cycle

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    • Survey

      Collect feedback that supports your company’s growth

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    Sign a contract and set up details

    We're making our partnership official. After we shake hands (we love this part), we setup up the detailed plan of implementation


    The kick-off meeting

    It's a quick meeting with a the Customer Success Manager (your new mentor!). We will discuss your needs and present you with further steps so that you know well, what is ahead of you.


    Webinar training & the technical side

    You will learn about the details of the platform and about the configuration of settings. We will also support with the configuration of settings, SSO, employee data import takes place at this point.


    You're starting to use HCM Deck!

    Platform? Ready! User database? Ready! Now you can make HCM Deck available to all users.

    • We guide you, step by step

      We are always ready to share our domain knowledge, support you and help with technical details.
    • Business growth is in our DNA

      We regularly conduct executive business reviews to make sure that our products help you achieve your business goals.
    • Great customer experience

      By collecting feedback regularly, we track the satisfaction of our clients and agilely address their issues.
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