Alicja Jędrzejewska

Product Department Manager

How it all began

Since 2012 Idea Money has been helping Polish micro, small and medium-sized companies maintain their financial liquidity. As one of the first companies in the Polish market, we have introduced an online factoring service, a solution previously available only to large corporations. The company also offers their clients a mobile app, which makes it simple to submit invoices from any place in the world.

Alicja Jędrzejewska, Manager of the Product Department: “At Idea Money, we help Polish entrepreneurs manage their businesses. HCM Deck helps us manage our training courses and the knowledge of our employees. All 280 Idea Money employees use the platform, especially our Sales Department and the Customer Service Department. The high quality of service is absolutely key to Idea Money. That’s why it’s so important for every employee to have constant and comfortable access to training courses. Thanks to HCM Deck our employees keep up with all the changes and innovations which we introduce.

Idea Bank in numbers

  • 2012

    year of incorporation
  • 7000+

  • 280

    Employees who use HCM Deck

Automatic notifications

With automatic notifications, no one forgets to complete the training.

A massive time-saver

We have saved a massive amount of time with HCM Deck on organizing classroom-based courses. It's so much easier with online training courses.

Full flexibility

Each employee can decide individually when to take part in an online course.

Accessible whenever you want, wherever you want

Each and every employee has constant and comfortable access to training courses.

"Before we implemented HCM Deck we organized stationary classroom-based training courses. Each one of them required the engagement of one or two experienced employees, reserving a room, scheduling a suitable date for all participants. And while the number of courses increases quickly, the number of problems also keeps growing. HCM Deck relieved us of all of the issues. Each employee can decide individually when to take part in an online course. They can even divide their courses into several stages.

Thanks to HCM Deck, time finally works to our advantage, and to the advantage of our clients.

The platform is managed by the Quality Development Department, which makes sure that all the information available to our staff is kept up-to-date, courses are scheduled and evaluated correctly. Remaining Departments submit their course and testing requirements to the Quality Development Department."

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