The key to successful outplacement and offboarding

While companies are forced to find their way in the New Normal, HR leaders are facing many challenges related to effective management. They must ensure transparent communication with employees, providing them with support, and taking care of their well-being. It is now paramount to implement the right people-oriented processes, and the ones that are of great importance right now are, among others, the processes of offboarding and outplacement.

This 30-page ebook covers broadly the topic of offboarding and outplacement in larger companies. Download it for free to find the answers to the most urgent questions:

  • What services are part of outplacement and offboarding?
  • What are the effects of offboarding and outplacement?
  • What are the secrets of a successful offboarding and outplacement programmes?
  • When things go wrong – the most common mistakes in the offboarding and outplacement process.
  • What are the risks of downsizing and redundancy programmes?


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