360 Review The Esssential Guide cover

The new perspective on the 360° Review

It’s time to rediscover 360° review. How can the essential Guide help you with that?

  • to implement or redesign the 360° Review process. Inside, you will find our suggestion of a 10-step transparent process using Design Thinking and employee consultations,
  • to promote the 360° Review in the organization. Learn the data that confirm the benefits of a well-conducted 360° Review for the organization and for the employee.
  • to construct the survey forms that will help make your 360° Review effective and measurable. Learn how to build questions that prevent the 360° Review participants biases and that help employee feel that they are treated fairly in the feedback process.
  • to help you prepare managers and employees for the conversations that go with the 360° Review process. In the Essential Gide, you will find practical advice on e.g. giving feedback.

All that and more in a concise and comprehensive guide!

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