Maximizing the impact of micro-learning

Hamira Riaz | Volvo Group

How micro-learning became invaluable for Volvo

In this session of L&D Meetup #SocialCollaborativeLearning, we hosted Hamira Riaz, VP Strategic Leadership at Volvo Group, who presented the three-step microlearning process implemented in her organization. In the world of constant change and pandemic, microlearning occurred to be very effective and had a significant impact.

What you’ll find in the session:

  • The basic laws of psychology are powerful but underleveraged ways of optimizing ROI in the corporate learning space
  • Tapping into the collective wisdom of your workforce is more effective than big bang, one-size fits all HR initiatives rolled out from the top-down
  • You don’t need an expensive digital infrastructure to engage, educate and empower employees in the virtual world

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