Why should Collaborative Social Learning be a critical element of Any Talent Development, and Company strategy now.

Dorota Piotrowska | HCM Deck

Why Collaborative Social Learning is the future?

The opening keynote of L&D Meetup #SocialCollaborativeLearning was delivered by Dorota Piotrowska, VP People and Organization Development at HCM Deck. Collaborative Social Learning raised in the ranks in 2021 and became a really important topic. That’s why we’ve decided to dig deeper and shed some light on this very interesting matter.

This session is all about:

  1. How  do current talent market trends and challenges of the Future of Work impact  talent strategy 
  2. Why is tapping into the collective social potential of our teams a strategic company imperative now
  3. How to foster a learning culture and learning in the flow of remote/hybrid work 
  4. How to start making social collaborative learning an integral part of a future-proof Talent Development & Engagement strategy.

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