Building a learning organisation using knowledge tests

Building a Learning Organisation Using Knowledge Tests

Ed Smith

Knowledge Tests & eLearning Technologies

Knowledge tests, also referred to as achievement or mastery tests, are inseparable parts of current e-learning technologies used in the recruitment process, the development strategy for employees and part of the entire employee life cycle. Organisations typically use knowledge tests consisting of questions designed to assess technical or professional expertise in specific knowledge areas to evaluate what a person knows at the time of taking the test.

Unlike cognitive ability tests, there is no attempt to assess the applicant’s learning potential. Organisations use a knowledge test to assess what an employee currently knows prior to or post development, but not whether the individual can be relied on to master new material in a timely manner. Knowledge tests are not appropriate when applicants will be trained after recruitment in the critical knowledge areas needed for the job.

However, we understand that knowledge tests are not developed with the adequate care that they should be. Experience in the area of knowledge test has proven to us that they are not designed to reveal the reached level of knowledge. Moreover, testing suites are reviewed very seldom regarding their validity and items correlation.

In the webinar, we will take a look at different examples of knowledge tests and methods in which they are delivered. We will discuss how knowledge tests are constructed and the basis of an analysis post testing. We will provide recommendations on multiple choice question formats. More topics covered during the webinar:

  • Cognitive ability tests vs knowledge tests
  • When it’s best to test
  • Developing knowledge tests
  • Reviewing and analyzing knowledge test data
  • Design and implementation
  • Knowledge tests methods
  • Constructing a knowledge test
  • Best practice formats for testing
  • Certification & competencies
  • Setting up your first knowledge test

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