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Self-service, cost effective and fully remote outplacement solution


Our mission: to help people find their next dream jobs

HCM Deck’s outplacement helps employees who are transitioning due to redundancy and guide them through professional, emotional and practical aspects in a friendly, cost-effective way.


For individuals and for many people at once

HCM Deck’s outplacement is ready to be used by individuals and by hundreds of people of mass redundancy situations. It’s perfect for both staff members and executives.


Ready to go live in hours, not months

We’re living in a world of rapid change. Our outplacement is available immediately and ready to go in minutes, not days, not months.

Times are difficult. Your outplacement shouldn't be

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Helping to find and land the dream job

The program mixes learning, coaching and practical advice and makes individuals more confident about their skills and their future career direction.

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Delivered by experts

Our outplacement program designed by industry experts puts to provide the most effective outplacement support to organizations.

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Providing psychological support

This program is not only about practical advice. It supports the whole emotional journey of an individual in a time of career separation. Because the transition begins with understanding where we are and where we're aspiring to be.

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  • Be a responsible employer, even when saying goodbye

    Saying goodbye to your best employees is painful. Give them the best possible experience to start a new chapter in their professional life.
  • Go beyond the traditional outplacement service

    In the times of COVID-19, the traditional way of outplacement is not even possible. With HCM Deck it can automated, affordable and yet meaningful.

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