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The time flies, and L&D Meetup came to an end. Thank you everyone who participated, thank you all the Speakers for amazing and insightful presentations! Hope to see you all at next #deckevents.
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Learning in the flow of hybrid work

About Social Collaborative Learning

#Social Collaborative Learning is getting more and more important. So here we are with #deckevents to dive deep into this topic with you – thought leaders, practitioners, and experts!

What's Social Collaborative Learning?

It is a key element of building a competitive, future-proof talent strategy founded on the synergy of the individual and the combined social capital of the network of the team. It happens in the flow of everyday work through team collaboration routines as well as more intentional collaboration and knowledge exchange or peer2peer learning formats.

As easy and intuitive as it sounds, it has its challenges, especially in the new – hybrid reality.

Through the upcoming L&D Meetup, happening on June 22-24, we are going to shed some light on the biggest ones:

1. THE BEGINNING: How to start this journey and how to understand Collaborative Learning?
2. REMOTE-WORLD and Collaborative Learning: How to boost collaboration within distributed teams?
3. BUSINESS IMPACT: Measuring the impact and case-building for hitting it off with Collaborative Learning in an organization.
4. HR AND L&D INFLUENCE: How to actively foster Collaborative Learning and not feel that it's happening unsupported?
5. PEOPLE ENGAGEMENT: How to truly engage people especially when they are glued to their screens for a long time during the day and make collaborative learning something that lasts, not just another "meh" corporate idea.

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Hamira Riaz

VP Strategic Leadership, Volvo Group

Hamira Riaz is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist & Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. With two doctorates and a specialism in neuropsychology, her 30yr career includes neuroscience service provision within the NHS and MoD and leadership consultancy at YSC Ltd. Since 2013, she was Managing Director of a boutique leveraging her clinical and business background, before joining Volvo Group as VP Strategic Leadership in 2020. In her role, she is responsible for Talent, Learning & Development and Diversity & Inclusion. She’s a regular media commentator on subjects from existential anxiety to women in leadership.

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Matthew Murray

Digital Learning Design Manager at Google

Matthew has more than 20 years of experience designing and delivering innovative learning journeys and capability building programs for Fortune 100 organizations across a wide variety of industries. Matthew has architected award-winning digital learning solutions to develop leadership skills and shift mindsets. He has deep knowledge of internal L&D organizations, academic environments, and client-facing performance and development services. Matthew has a PhD in Media and Cultural Studies.

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Lesley Powell

L&D Community Segment Owner at Google

Lesley Powell has expertise in adult learning and development, design and facilitation. She has created and led award-winning top talent leadership development programs for software engineers and emerging leaders programs for Cloud Sales teams. She has deep expertise in manager development, having contributed to the creation of the first manager assessment and training program at Google. She pioneered the most popular technical manager development conference and kick-started global manager learning communities that span 27 countries. Lesley has spent 14 years working with global distributed teams and their leaders to build trust, communication, drive strategy and resolve conflict. She holds a B.Sc. in Psychology, an MBA and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.

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Brad Kemp

Senior Learning Designer at Google

Brad is a Senior Learning Designer within the Google School for Leaders. An accomplished musician and media developer, Brad brings creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to produce engaging, technology-enabled designs that delight learners. Brad has a Bachelor of Music from the New England Conservatory of Music.

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Sylwia Górska-Przytulska

Global Learning & Development Leader at Ingka/IKEA

Sylwia has over 20 years of experience in Global Leadership, HR, Organizational Development, Talent Management, Corporate Communications and L&D experience within professional services, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. She is a Communication Professional and Employer Brand Expert. Sylwia has launched Global Training Academy, Mentoring programs, e-learning, regional programs, tailor-made programs for departments and segments, as well as cultural transformation in the talent space.

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Dorota Piotrowska

VP People and Organizational Development at HCM Deck

Dorota has been working in the human capital management roles since 2005, in recent years in hyper-growth, tech companies. She has also been acting as a Future of Work and HR tech scale-ups advisor. Previously, she ran a Business Communication and Cross-cultural Skills company where she trained global leaders to get ready for leadership roles in cross-cultural settings. She holds a L7 Award in Org Design and Development from CIPD and is a Certified Diversity Professional.
Dorota’s PURPOSE is to develop effective, data-informed, agile, remote smart organisations that help people grow, feel enabled and self-fulfilled with the contribution they make to a company's mission and beyond.

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Anna-Lisa Obermann

Director of People & Workplace at Blinkist

Anna is an HR professional, team lead, coach, mediator, and life-long learner. In 2012. she joined the Berlin Startup Blinkist, and in 2016, started to build its people function from scratch. Inspired by New Work approaches as well as extensive training and independent work as a systemic mediator and a business coach, Anna's been focussing on holistic, agile, purpose-, and value-driven people work and organizational development. She's highly motivated by continuous learning, stepping out of comfort zones, fostering empowerment, increasing engagement and effectiveness, and thus achieving ambitious goals.

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Edward Leach

Well being Specialist and Head Chef at Blinkist

Ed's professional story is long and winding. An extremely distilled version is: Started out studying Software Development, changed to Design for Print. Worked as a plumber for 6 years. Changed directions altogether and became a Chef. Relocated to London, then decided to go and work on Super yachts. Then Ed took off to the South of France and began working as a Chef for UHNWI at sea and on land around the world. Eventually settled in Berlin and was lucky enough to find Blinkist and be trusted enough to start a Plant Based Canteen: La Cantina!

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Vilmalotta Ala-Tuuhonen

Senior People Development Specialist at Blinkist

HR wasn’t a clear choice of career for Vilma. She spent around 10 years in different universities, searching for purpose and finally landed on people. Vilma realised that there is still a lot to do in the people branch and her strengths fit the bill. Today, Vilma is passionate about finding out what kind of role HR is playing in the current revolution of work. In her job at Blinkist, Vilma gets to wear many hats. Mostly, she helps people & our leaders grow and reach their full potential but also helps the organization grow and adjust to internal needs & the outside world.

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Cezary Mielnicki

Agile Coach at Allegro

Agile Coach / Chief Scrum Master / RTE. Deals with introducing and developing an Agile approach in big organizations. Formerly, Java Developer and Team Manager. Keeps the engineering element in blood, psychology at heart, and business in mind.

LinkedIn profile

Jenny C. Conrads

Employee Development & Organizational Resilience Coach

Jenny is an experienced Employee Development & Organizational Resilience Coach. With many years of experience in coaching both leaders and employees across a number of purpose driven companies, she helps professionals expand and manage their inherent self-care capabilities, conflict resolution skills and career satisfaction levels. As a former Executive & Chief People Officer of a range of start-ups across the tech/ media/ charity sectors, Jenny has first hand experience with solving the corporate challenge of developing a strong link between corporations and their people.

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Karolina Roziewicz

Senior Learning&Development Specialist at Netguru

A learning strategist with a devouring interest in behavioral economics. Heutagogy, the learning drive, and behavior change are my main fields of expertise. In my daily work I focus on corporate learning experiences and interactions that do away with cognitive biases. Currently at Netguru I work on executing the organizational learning strategy, with a strong focus on leadership initiatives.

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Neil Cunningham

Learning, Talent & Development solutions Director at Align Learn Do

Neil started in learning career by moving from Sales into Sales Training. It was here he saw first-hand how you can engage people to learn and how that learning can be translated into business outcomes. Over the next 10 years working across multiple business and verticals, he learnt how to demonstrate value that businesses wanted to see. Neil Set up Align Learn Do as he believes that all Learning Departments can become essential business departments, not just 'nice to haves', by aligning learning with business needs and demonstrating business value. His mission is to show people how to do this.


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Szymon Wyrembak

Event Manager at HCM Deck

Agenda [all hours in CEST]
Mind that the agenda is different for each day

L&D Meetup #SocialCollaborativeLearning

  • Welcome to L&D Meetup - Why should Collaborative Social Learning be a critical element of any Talent Development, and Company strategy now.

    Szymon Wyrembak & Dorota Piotrowska | HCM Deck
  • Break

  • How to practice Lifelong (continuous) Learning in 3 simple steps

    Sylwia Górska-Przytulska
  • Lunch, Networking & Comments with hosts and Speakers

  • Break

  • You’re social, so why isn’t your learning? [workshop, limited seats, run via Zoom]

    Neil Cunningham | Align Learn Do
  • Day 1 Wrap Up [10 minutes]

  • Does ownership leave you stranded? - heutagogical and social perspectives on learning

    Karolina Roziewicz | Netguru
  • Break

  • Learning Through Experience - Why instructive learning has served it’s time

    Jenny C. Conrads
  • Lunch, Networking & Comments with hosts and Speakers

  • Break

  • Collaborative learning formats going remote; or: how cooking Ramen online can teach leadership

    Anna-Lisa Obermann, Edward Leach, Vilmalotta Ala-Tuuhonen | Blinkist
  • Day 2 Wrap up [10 minutes]

  • Common goals in the context of motivation and collaboration. Allegro case study.

    Cezary Mielnicki | Allegro
  • Break

  • Maximizing the impact of micro-learning

    Hamira Riaz | Volvo Group
  • Lunch, Networking & Comments with hosts and Speakers

  • Break

  • Designing learning communities for Google managers

    Matthew Murray, Lesley Powell, Brad Kemp | Google
  • L&D Meetup Wrap Up [15 minutes]


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