Remote working best practices for HR, L&D Managers & Employees

Remote Working Best Practices for HR and L&D Managers

Ed Smith, Renate Kohlmann

Remote working best practices for HR, L&D Managers

The COVID-19 pandemic blindsided many organisations, HR, L&D managers and employees alike and drove them to remote working overnight. Many organisations had the infrastructure to support this but they do not have the knowledge, understanding and expertise to sustain their businesses in the long term in this new found environment.

This webinar is exactly what you need in your search for remote working advice and best practices. It’s particularly aimed at managers, HR & L&D staff who are looking to understand how to work remotely in more effective ways.  Grow Remote Chapter Lead, Renate Kohlmann, and Ed Smith from HCM Deck will provide participants with best practice learning around how to optimise remote and virtual working, covering key topics including:

  • How the COVID-19-19 pandemic has impacted organisations. What remote work means for organisations?
  • What remote working and virtual working trends have been visible in recent years before this emergency situation?
  • The effects of COVID-19 and how employers have been driven to implement remote working policies in response to the emergency situation?
  • What will this change for organisations in the future workplace
  • What does the typical preparation and implementation phases for remote working look like in a more planned scenario?
  • Setting a team up to work remotely: the critical elements to consider to plan for success and using technology effectively for efficient communication?
  • What effects on the organisations L&D strategy will virtual or remote working have when using more traditional methods like classroom training?
  • Onboarding new staff remotely, positive and negative effects and best practices for effective techniques and use cases from HCM Deck?
  • The transition to e-learning trends and advice, using 70-20-10 in the future workplace?
  • Advice for frontline sales and services team managers, How to manage remote workforces, best practices for virtual workforces?
  • Optimising remote team collaboration on projects and campaigns: how to manage remote teams and workers to maintain team spirit and trust, and how to optimise and manage performance across distributed teams?
  • Running effective virtual meetings and how to ensure they are optimised for time, decision-making and outputs.
  • The mental health issues and mindset required to be a successful remote worker?
  • Using remote working as an opportunity for deep work, and how to schedule your day for different types of work?
  • Most popular collaboration tools used for remote workers with suggestions on how to manage the morale of your remote team
  • How to maximise efficiency when working from home?
  • Top tips for employees who due to the coronavirus have been required to instantly become remote workers with little or no experience?

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