Reinventing employee onboarding through automation

Reinventing employee onboarding through automation

Ed Smith

Reinventing employee onboarding through automation

No matter how big the company, HR leaders tend to have too much on their plates. They spend enough time scavenging for the right resources, and by the time the onboarding starts, they are downright exhausted. Rather than adding to their fatigue by forcing them to do things the old fashioned way, automating the process can reduce their workload by a considerable amount.

Using HR workflow automation software, you can ditch the onboarding checklist and forms and eliminate manual dependency in the employee onboarding process. With automated employee workflow, the complex approval process can be simplified and streamlined. Also, the workflow would be mostly transparent, so retrieving information about the status or pinpointing the troubles would be a breeze.

With an automated onboarding at work, you don’t have to chase after new hires and managers to complete the tasks assigned to them. The system takes care of it. Automatic notifications are sent to the right people who cause a delay in the workflow.

In order to automate the workflow, you don’t have to invest a huge sum in a HR Management Software or depend on the IT team to develop sophisticated software. A simple workflow tool can automate the entire employee onboarding process end-to-end. Even HR staff with little to no technology exposure can create an automated workflow from scratch using the drag-and-drop interface or customize one of the predefined onboarding templates to suit their needs.

In our webinar we will discuss this and more topics like:

  • What is employee onboarding?
  • Why efficient employee onboarding matters to the employee and to the business?
  • Benefits of using an employee onboarding automation
  • A good employee onboarding process flow
  • Bad experiences of onboarding
  • Good experience case studies & use cases