Data-driven strategy for workforce planning. KPMG Romania Case Study

Mădălina Racovitan, Claudia Stan, Szymon Wyrembak

How to use workplace analytics?

According to McKinsey & Company research, by 2030, as much as 30% of tasks done manually today by two-thirds of employees will be automated. This will radically change the workforce landscape.

To keep their business on top of the game, companies need to build a competitive workforce for the future through strategic planning. The effective approach is to explore the current gaps in the workforce and required future skills, considering the business value, then outline the plan to supply future demand and execute the plan in a disciplined manner. What does it look like in practice? KPMG Romania’s People Services Experts will join our next webinar to show how they have leveraged the power of analytics and strategic workforce planning to improve HR strategy and processes.

During our free webinar, you will learn how best practices of using workplace analytics at KPMG helps:

-enhance people productivity and performance
-understand and manage skills gaps
-plan the right reskilling and upskilling actions

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Mădălina Racovitan

Mădălina Racovițan is a Partner of KPMG in Romania and Head of the firm’s People Services practice.

Mădălina joined KPMG in 1999. She has developed KPMG’s Global Mobility Services practice over several years and further set-up the People Services function in Romania. The People Services practice now combines the teams of Global Mobility, Immigration Services, Payroll Outsourcing, Employment Law and Human Resources Advisory, who work together to help clients with many different issues related to the management of their human capital. She also coordinated the internal HR function of KPMG in Romania & Moldova where she implemented a series of forward thinking projects which aimed at improving the people experience at KPMG.

She is an active member of various workgroups, proposing a variety of suggestions and lobby actions for improving the fiscal, immigration and employment framework in Romania. She is also a frequent contributor to specialized publications and active speaker at conferences and events on Future of Work and HR, Reward, Employment and labor market matters.

Claudia Stan

Claudia has 20 years of experience in HR, with both People & Change consulting and HR practitioner background.

Working as a Senior Manager with the People Services team of KPMG in Romania, Claudia provides assistance to clients on HR matters. She has experience in complex transformation projects, like digital transformation, operational excellence or new target operating model projects as well as in operational HR assistance. Her areas of specialization include Talent Management, Organizational Development and HR Transformation, including development of HR strategies, policies and HR optimization.

Claudia is an active contributor to HR publications and thought leadership activity of KPMG in Romania as well as speaker on topics like Future of Work, Performance Management, HR transformation.