Finding path in the dark. Data-driven approach to onboarding store employees

Petr Šrámek | Penny Market

Success story of onboarding at Penny Market

Onboarding may be one of the fundamental organizational processes, especially in retail. Not only do you have to onboard a large volume of people quickly, but the timeframe to ensure compliance is shortened, creating more room for error. But data can help with that. Petr Šrámek, HR Director of Penny Market was our guest during L&D Meetup #LearningAnalytics and shared how to approach it on the example of the company.

What will you get from this session:

  • A store employee in data
  • What is a good onboarding?
  • Setting up the process
  • Clash with reality
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Sources of data in store operations

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