Talent Management

Manage, develop, and retain top talents. In one place. To help the business grow.

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Enterprise clients trusted HCM Deck

  • Lower the overall turnover rate

    Even by 9% in the first year thanks to talent management programs that significantly improve employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Generate savings

    With talent retained and effective employee development plan, you can save the company even 1 million $ in the first months of the programme.
  • Drive engagement & efficiency for all employees

    Engaged teams are as much as 21% more productive and build strong teams across the company, no matter the color of the collar.
  • Retain top players

    Design employee development projects to keep high impact workers and share actionable feedback to keep them satisfied and effective.
  • Put the right people in the right positions

    60% of employers say workers who are promoted into jobs perform significantly better than externally hired into similar positions. Actively observe your employees and align company needs with their skills.
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What gains can Talent Management bring

  • 147%

    Higher earnings per share when companies increase their number of talented managers and double the rate of engaged employees.
  • 25%

    Lower turnover rate in organizations that approach employee recognition strategically
  • $2400 / employee YOY

    Revenue increase companies that increase in companies that boost employee engagement investments by 10%

Read the story of Leroy Merlin: "Onboarding, which generated millions in savings"


Manage and support talents in their development journey

A truly satisfied employee

Give them the development plan that fulfills their aspirations. With HCM Deck advanced skills gap analysis, they will develop competencies which will also further benefit the organization.

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The HCM Deck way

Our game-changing approach to working together towards your goals

  • People first

    We believe in the human 2 human approach, which is especially needed in the hybrid mode era. L&D is for employees, and this is how we design our product and provide services. All this with an exceptional employee and customer experience.
  • Agile approach

    You can start work with HCM Deck in a couple of weeks, not months. or years. We are agile, in the way we consult, deliver, and think about or solution impact. At the same time, we're enterprise ready, so you sleep well at night.
  • New mindset

    The world is changing, so is the Employee Development. Enterprise solutions are often becoming obsolete from day one. We're looking forward and we bring the new mindset and ensure that your employees use the best of the breed in the field.

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