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The north stars of our Talent Management practices



Adjusting to the dynamically changing talent landscape


Putting people first

Business growth is the ultimate goal of employee development, but it can’t be achieved when people are not a priority


Forward-looking mindset

It’s not just about innovation. It’s about always going forward with an open approach

What it means for us

Joanna Piekarz-Nitkiewicz in HCM Deck office


HCM Deck adapts to your needs

We implement swiftly, but we also respond to the ever-changing needs of business environment. We are agile in the way we consult, deliver and think about our solution's impact and provide you with a free choice in using our products.

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L&D is a people profession

We believe in a human-to-human approach, which is especially needed in the hybrid mode era. That’s why we design our product and provide services in a way that is meaningful to our clients and their organization's employees.

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rafał niesłuchowski cto hcm deck

Forward-looking mindset

It's not just about innovation

We bring the new mindset of employee development and ensure your employees use the best-of-breed solution. HCM Deck, you can be sure that you take advantage from the best and latest practices in the field.

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"We believe in sharing a journey and having a common goal with our clients. It builds trust and transparency. When we defined our values, we also examined which of them are crucial to our partners. To us, the most paramount ones are constant growth and putting people first. We need to invest in ongoing development and employees' well-being to enable the whole organization to thrive."

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Simon Janicki


HCM Deck

"Creating and developing products for large enterprise clients is a constant search for balance between the traditional and innovative approaches towards issues that our product addresses. The tough art of being inventive and compliant requires us to have a good understanding of our clients' industries, the future of talent development, and the future of our customers."

Rafał Niesłuchowski


  • Business growth is in our DNA

    We regularly conduct executive business reviews on your request to make sure that our products help you achieve your business goals.
  • Great customer experience is our goal

    By collecting feedback through surveys regularly, we track the satisfaction of our clients and agilely address their issues.

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