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Thank you all for this amazing edition of L&D Meetup! It was full of insights, great presentations, networking, and music! We are happy to deliver these events for you and can't wait for another one. Thank you!
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Let's start using data effecitively

Top L&D and learning analytics experts' success stories
and insights

We use it and we inform our decisions with it. But do we truly use learning analytics potential to the fullest and in the right way?

DDI research estimates 79% of people analytics projects fail and according to i4cp 86% of companies do not go beyond generating standard reports in their data-driven operations.

In this edition of L&D Meetup, we gather Talent Management and L&D experts to present their success stories and insight-driven panels on how to use data efficiently for:

-strategic workforce planning
-reskilling and upskilling
-finding skills gaps
-designing employee learning experience
-perfect onboarding
-boosting performance and productivity.

Bear in mind: this is no boring online talk. The entire conference will be run in a hybrid, highly engaging mode our audience has already grown to love.

On March 31st, we will broadcast live from Warsaw and link with the experts from all around the world. All that with live music to jazz it up a notch!

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"HCM Deck's Best Practices Day – a great event for exchanging experience and networking within fresh, startup formula with great club music"

NIK Bulgaria

"Tons of thanks for the wonderful and professional organization! I strongly recommend #deckevents. It was a pleasure"

Jeronimo Martins

"Thank you HCM Deck for a great Meetup"


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Anthony Parker

VP, Global Talent Acquisition & Mobility at Christian Dior Couture

Most recently Anthony held the position of Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition & Mobility for Christian Dior Couture a LVMH Inc. Anthony managed the global talent acquisition strategy, tracking metrics, follow-up tools, succession planning, international head-hunting for executive and C-suite roles. He has grown his career from Chicago, New York City, Hong Kong and now Paris, France. Anthony is passionate about developing future leaders, fair and equal practice in the workplace, diversity and inclusion. He volunteers in various community organizations and believes in giving back his time.

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Petr Sramek

HR Director at Penny Market

Petr has focused on creating and implementing data-oriented HR strategies in the service sector for the last 20 years. He built the employer branding division in the biggest Czech job portal provider, helped establish a new service center company in the Czech market, serving CEE, and for the last 6 years helps to change company culture and employee experience in Penny Market. Penny, with almost 400 stores, presents unique challenges in connecting with each employee and forming a unified employer brand. Combined with demanding work and a competitive market, data-based decisions are a must.

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Marek Balis

HR Director at KPMG Czech Republic

Marek is HR Director in KPMG Czech Republic with over 20 years’ experience in building high-performance culture, acquiring and developing talent, and managing projects and change. At KPMG, he also participates in RPA projects in order to optimize internal processes. Marek received an award from the US Department of State for support of Women’s Entrepreneurship and MSc. in Human Resource Management and Organizational Analysis from King's College London and B. Comm. in International Management from the University of Ottawa.

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Simona Podgoreanu

HR Director at KPMG Romania

In her role as HR Director at KPMG in Romania, Simona coordinates all matters relating to helping teams to achieve their potential, contribute to the success of the business and be happy and satisfied in their careers. She has extensive experience as a strategic partner, building exceptional teams, and facilitating the development of cross-functional teams to the benefit of employees and the organisation. During her 20 year career in HR, Simona has specialized in Change Management, Workforce planning, Talent Management, Learning and Development, Compensation and Benefits, and HR integration in M&As.

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Tim Peffers

Organisation Analytics Manager at Philip Morris International

Tim is a Strategic Workforce Planning and People Analytics thought leader and practitioner covering roles like talent analytics, employee listening, forecasting, organisational health and HR tech implementation. He is currently working for Philip Morris International building the Strategic Workforce Planning capability utilising advanced data science techniques to understand what skills employees have, what the future workforce will look like and how technology will impact the workforce. Tim is a data evangelist who is passionate about using it for good and making work more efficient, effective and fulfilling.

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Donald H Taylor

Chairman at The Learning and Performance Institute

30-year veteran of the learning, skills and human capital industries, with experience at every level from design and delivery to chairman of the board. He has been chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute since 2010. A recognized commentator and organizer in the fields of workplace learning and learning technologies, Donald is passionately committed to helping develop the learning and development profession. Donald has been a company director and shareholder for three companies through start up, growth and acquisition. He is a graduate of Oxford University and was awarded an honorary doctorate by Middlesex University.

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Dorota Piotrowska

VP of People and Organization Development at HCM Deck

Dorota has been working in the human capital management area since 2005, in recent years in hyper-growth, tech companies. She has also been advising Future of Work HR tech scale-ups on their development journey. She sees a great potential in building future, 'remote-smart' workplaces thanks to actionable, predictive insights gained through organisation network analysis. On the L&D front, from 2005 through to 2015 Dorota ran a Business Communication and Cross-cultural Skills company where she trained global leaders to get ready for the leadership roles in new cross-cultural settings.

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Nick Hindley

Organisational Development and Learning Facilitator

Nick has been a practitioner in Learning and Development for 30+ years working at all levels. No two years have been alike with much professional learning and many personal insights. His plan was to cover a wide variety of organisations including permanent and consultancy roles with pharmaceutical, aerospace, technology, financial services, healthcare, beverages, and local government. Nick has a masters’ degree in Human Resource Strategies and has accreditations in NLP, psychometrics and may one day complete his doctorate in applied learning.


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Szymon Wyrembak

Event Manager at
HCM Deck


L&D Meetup #LearningAnalytics Sessions

09:00 CEST
Virtual Live Stage
  • Waiting room and energizing DJ set

  • Welcome to L&D Meetup #LearningAnalytics

    Szymon Wyrembak | HCM Deck
  • Why L&D can no longer ignore analytics – opening keynote

    Donald H Taylor | The Learning and Performance Institute
  • Panel discussion – How can we use L&D analytics to support leaders and future proof organizations?

    Nick Hindley, Dorota Piotrowska, Anthony Parker, Simona Podgoreanu
  • 8 essential skills to succeed in the New Reality

    Marek Balis | KPMG Czech Republic
  • Finding path in the dark. Data-driven approach to onboarding store employees

    Petr Šrámek
  • Lunch Break

  • Data driven Strategic Workforce Planning: What? Why? When? Where? And most importantly, How?

    Tim Peffers | Phillip Morris International
  • Future of Work analytics. Understanding, improving and leveraging the social network potential

    Dorota Piotrowska | HCM & FOW Expert

  • Meet HCM Deck!

    Kamil Wójcik | HCM Deck
  • Data driven strategy for workforce planning. KPMG Case Study

    Madalina Racovitan, Claudia Stan


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