The Future of Outplacement

Join us for the two-session event during which we will take Outplacement to the next level, discussing the role of the process and the latest technology that supports it.
Jul 10, 2020
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About the event

It's all about People

Being a leader is never easy. In these unprecedented times, remaining a great leader can be even harder. How to offer emotional and professional support to employees while managing change and redundancy in a large organization? How to support the people out and the people in, while maintaining the employer’s good image? In times like these, leaders often reach for an outplacement service designed to guide and support employees’ transition to new jobs, helping them in the journey.

Join us to discuss how outplacement has evolved with the technology advancements and how the change of employees’ expectations and the new range of job searching options have influenced today’s outplacement.

During the two-session meeting, we will also shed some light on how the outplacement service can be of help when the top focus of the company is the care for people - both those redundant and ones remaining, by showing them that they are seen, heard and valued.

Working towards the needs of today’s enterprises, HCM Deck has launched the Outplacement solution named OutplaceME. It is widely available and ready to use Outplacement solution that comes with 10 free programmes uploaded into the self-service platform. We invite you to the product session during which HCM Deck experts explain the innovative approach behind OutplaceME.

For whom?


For senior managers and directors of enterprise organizations

HR management

For HR/HRM/L&D managers and professionals


Colin Ralph

Principal Practitioner and Consultant at People Direct Ltd

Colin has a wealth of experience as an International Organisational Consultant, and has worked with many global companies supporting implementation of their strategy. He has an effective facilitation style and typically coaches and mentors senior executives and teams at board and senior level. Colin has been a guest speaker at the American Chamber of Commerce, The Irish Management Institute, and the Institute of Training and Development.

Ed Smith

Head of Global Growth at HCM Deck

With over a decade of senior management, change and process optimisation experience having worked with the world’s leading organisations to develop and implement strategic change projects supporting L&D and HR functions with successful Outplacement solutions. Edward is responsible for leading the entire HCM Deck global operations and subject matter expert on Employee Development, Change & Offboarding and Mentoring, Strategic directions and Career coaching, with a specific interest in Employer branding.


The Future of Outplacement

  • Outplacement in times of social distancing – prelection [45 minutes]

    Colin Raplh | People Direct Ltd
  • OutplaceME: HCM Deck's outplacement solution – product launch [45 minutes]

    Ed Smith | HCM Deck


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