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What’s up on Deck #4. Going global!

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What’s up on Deck #4 brings great news, and it’s great news on a large scale! ✈️

We’ve added some new features to HCM Deck, features that support the globalization of growing organizations ?Oh, and we’ve added a cool new feature for measuring tests!

We’re taking you for a trip. See what we’ve prepared:

Educational content translation

Training sessions for branches across the globe, in multiple languages? ? No problem at all. We’ve improved the educational content translation process at HCM Deck.

Now you can easily translate the name and the description of a training. Next to the input field, you’ll find a translation icon, which opens a pop-up window:

What's up on Deck #4 -- translation pop-up in HCM Deck

Here you’ll enter all the translations in one place. You can also add e-learning course files in multiple languages:

What's up on Deck #4 -- submission of translations to e-learning courses

And there are much more things you can customize!

One company, different brands, different colors – and list layout changes!

Sometimes it happens that there are many different brands, with distinct color palettes, within one organization. Now you can show it in HCM Deck, too!

It’s easy to add different color palettes for different users:

What's up on Deck #4 -- adding new color palettes in HCM Deck

You can assign a color palette to a specific user or a group of users, depending on your needs. Here you can also see that we’ve changed the list layout slightly to make your work easier. We’d love to hear what you think!

HCM Deck, now in Spanish and Portuguese

¡Hola! and bom dia! The HCM Deck platform is now available is Spanish and Portuguese. Interested? We can enable both language versions at your request.

What's up on Deck #4  -- HCM Deck platform in Spanish and Portuguese

Answer time in tests

Wondering how long it took someone to answer a particular question in a test? Now you’ll know! 

We’ve added two new columns: learning time and answer time. You can add them to a list in the Answers section of a test. Here’s what it looks like:

What's up on Deck #4 answer time

What else is there? 

We’re not done yet! We’re also working on many different changes, such as:

? Time zones – Very soon HCM Deck will be able to detect time zone changes. Collaboration with employees from all over the world will become so much easier. 

? Knowledge base changes – Soon you’ll be able to schedule publication (or unpublication) of knowledge base content. This may save you a whole lot of time and repetitive work!

Stay tuned! Oh, and did you know that you can also track HCM Deck updates on our product portal

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