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What’s up on Deck #1. Meet the new Knowledge Base!


Finally, the time has come to say it: a new, improved, smarter and shiny Knowledge Base is coming. What’s the new Knowledge Base all about? In What’s up on Deck #1 we have prepared a short overview of new HCM Deck product.

What is Knowledge Base?

In What’s up on Deck #1 we will explain this in a nutshell: Knowledge Base is one of HCM Deck products that best supports knowledge sharing within the organization.

Sure – all HCM Deck products in the Learning category support knowledge sharing in the organization. The thing is that Knowledge Base works in a completely different way – not as something that “needs” to be done in a given time, but as a set of the most necessary knowledge available immediately, here and now. Regardless of what you use it for: whether it is a FAQ for your sales department (when a salesman needs to find the answer NOW, and not in 5 minutes), or a guide to the company products, or a collection of your learning resources. We designed the Knowledge Base to help you put your ideas for knowledge-sharing into action. And in such a way that management, searching and receiving content is pleasant – both for you and for the employees.

How does it work?

Knowledge Base consists of pages that you can arrange in any order and hierarchy. They navigate users through the content.

You have several useful text editing options:

  • two headers of different sizes (h1, h2),
  • bold,
  • italic,
  • and colorful font.

You can also add links, add graphics, tables, bulleted lists and attachments as well as share pages with any employee groups.

Oh, there is also a search engine:

How can you use the Knowledge Base in the company?

The knowledge base may be used by many departments in a company. We have some ideas on how to use it. Here they are!

Think of  Knowledge Base as a practical guide for new (but not only!) employees

A guide that is always available for everyone. A place where you can check how to use company benefits, sign up for training, settle a business delegation, and book a conference room. There are plenty of topics related to everyday life in the company. Most often they land in the HR department mailbox. It is much more convenient to keep the information you need in a place accessible to everyone. What’s more, Knowledge Base can also keep the company’s history, mission and vision, description of the team and the most important foundations of organizational culture.

Or as a support/supplement to knowledge available during courses, stationary trainings and projects

Some knowledge likes to fade away – we’ve all been there. Especially the one obtained during trainings and courses. Knowledge needs to be refreshed and this is where our product comes in handy. Knowledge Base can be the keeper of all the materials (summaries, presentations, the most important conclusions) after trainings, allowing it to be always “fresh” and updated. Conversely, you can release a teaser content to read before training. You can also use the Knowledge Base to summarize projects – in case someone (e.g. new employees) has to get acquainted with its content.


Use it as a FAQ for sales people

Provides access to instant access to knowledge is very useful in companies where employees work with clients on a daily basis. Pay attention to the situation when the product catalog and legal regulations change more often than the weather in November. Nobody knows everything, but fortunately you can use the tools, thanks to which your employees in answering your questions (and questions of the customer who is just asking).

Procedures, patents, resources, company know-how – it’s all here!

Every company has its valuable tribal knowledge that is not known and available outside the company but which impacts the quality of work and cooperation between peers. It’s like the collective wisdom of a company – not only stored in documents, but also in the company’s policies. However, the know-how is dispersed, which, sooner or later, turns out to be a problem, for example, when new people are employed or someone with particular knowledge leaves a company. The knowledge base will help you deal with such issues – it will become your single source of truth.

How is the new knowledge base better than the old one?

The new Knowledge Base is much easier to master and use in daily work: organization of materials, searching for content and sharing them between employees. Operations such as text formatting, adding links, attachments, removing from publications are now easy and more intuitive. It doesn’t take much to make your Knowledge Base look transparent and elegant. Find out for yourself

That’s it in What’s up on Deck #1. See you next time!

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