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What’s up on Deck #8. Coming soon to HCM Deck: 360° Review

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The release of the long-awaited 360° review is just around the corner! 🧭 Keep reading to learn why we decided to implement it, how we approached its design, and most of all — get a sneak peek of what you can expect of it. 

Our 360

The 360° review (also known as 360° feedback) has become a standard in the process of employee skill development — we know about it from HR experts and hear it when talking to our customers. In this approach, the employees receive feedback from their supervisor, co-workers (including direct reports in the case of leaders being reviewed), and sometimes from vendors and customers. This approach gives a much more objective and in-depth view of employee development than the classic 90° or 180° reviews. And as a result, it makes it much easier to spot areas that need development and implement an appropriate training program. 

Collecting feedback from several people for one employee requires more work from everyone involved than in the traditional methods. That is why we want the 360° review in HCM Deck to minimize the amount of repetitive, administrative work that often becomes an obstacle when running this process. For example, thanks to existing features like skill profiles, you will be able to generate questions for the review form automatically. It will save a lot of time for large organizations with complex structures and various types of roles and positions.

We are planning to implement the 360° review in HCM Deck by the end of the year

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What to expect 

We have many ideas on what a perfect 360° review should look like, but we know that you are the real experts in this area. So we planned for the first version of the product to include the most important features. And all potential improvements will be added based on how you use the 360° review in real life. 

360 review coming soon to hcm deck platform

The version that we want to release at the end of the year will allow the HR team to configure a 360° ​​review — select people who will receive feedback, edit the review form and add questions. The review questions about skills will be generated automatically based on skill profiles assigned to specific participants. Once the review starts, participants will be able to nominate people who should give them feedback. This selection can be checked and if necessary modified by the administrator. Once all the forms have been completed and supervisors have approved the review, you can use the skill profiles again to see where development programs are needed. 

With the release date of the 360° ​​review approaching, we will share more detailed information about the look and feel of this product. Stay tuned! 

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