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The benefits of implementing a training management system

Do you work as an employee development manager? Does your company employ hundreds of people and regularly organize various trainings, from OSH to customer service? Do you supervise the training budget? In all those cases, you will certainly need the support of adequate tools. A dedicated in-company training management system will help you better plan and monitor the employees’ development path.

In-company trainings are still very popular

In recent years, e-learning and employee trainings organised via various online platforms have become the it-subject. However, according to the studies conducted by ARC Rynek i Opinia, Polish entrepreneurs are still accustomed to the traditional, stationary form of training: it constitutes a majority in the offer of training companies. The stationary form of training is also usually preferred by the organisations which carry out internal courses for their own employees. In-company trainings are particularly preferable if their subjects concern soft skills development (e.g. negotiations, self-presentation, conflict managements) or occupational safety and health as well as in the case of sales and product-oriented courses.

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Why do employees value in-company trainings?

The constant popularity of traditional trainings results from a variety of aspects. Firstly, the person who sends their employees to the trainings can be certain that they will actually participate in them. Secondly, the direct contact with the instructor is invaluable. Everyone can ask them a question any time, whether it is directly connected with the discussed subject or just loosely related, but important at that particular moment. What’s more, the instructor has a chance to see the training participants “live”: notice their reactions and motivate those who are not sufficiently focused or might not understand something. Stationary trainings enable vigorous conversations between the participants as such, thanks to which they can share their knowledge and experience with each other. All those factors have an impact on the high efficiency and popularity of on-site trainings.

Training management system adjusted to the real needs of your employees 

You might still have some doubts as to whether you need any programme for stationary courses. Sure you do! It often happens that managers offer one, regular, unchangeable, predictable, previously planned set of trainings and they are not open to their employees’ suggestions and real needs. It may turn out that they do not exactly coincide with the ideas of the training budget manager. If that person finds out about the new needs of the employees soon enough, he or she will be able to react quickly: change the training plan or modify the training budget. The size of the company matters as well. In large enterprises it is important to ensure proper flow of information concerning the training needs and course opportunities to coordinate this HR branch in a smooth and effective way. Thanks to a training management programme – both stationary or online – you can create a platform for your employees where they can openly write what kind of training they need. They may have in mind various types of courses, such as those regarding soft skills, products, or services. A dedicated training management system will also be of use when it comes to efficient registration for the training – for instance, you can quickly check the number of the participants in a course in a simple application. By knowing the number of persons willing to participate in a training, you will know exactly what the cost of that training will be and what budget is necessary to organise it for your employees. If you are responsible for the training budget in your company, you will be able to keep up to date with the amount of the funds already spent.

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So, what time is the training? You can find all the necessary details in the training management system

Has it ever happened to any of your employees to forget about a training? Has it ever turned out that one training started at the same time as another or that it overlapped with an important meeting with a client or a contractor? Our in-company training management system shows the training schedule so you’re able to see the dates of all the upcoming courses. If some of them happen to overlap with others and some of your employees are unable to take part in all of them, you can always modify the schedule and send an updated version to all the interested participants. The system offers another convenient option of automatic sending of notifications and reminders about the upcoming courses to the participants, their managers, or coaches running a particular training.

What next? Have a look at the training management system again! 

Our training management system will also come in handy when the course is over. You can upload all the post-training materials and resources on the platform, which can then be downloaded by the participants. You are also able to verify their knowledge via tests or homework. You will generate personal certificates for all the participants in a simple way. Obviously, paper certificates get lost easily, whereas their virtual form will be available to the users all the time.

Why do you need an in-company training management system?

  • You will learn what the real training needs in your company are.
  • You will be more effective at planning and organising a series of basic, obligatory trainings for all the employees (e.g. OSH) or trainings oriented towards large teams (e.g. producer trainings for the employees of large supermarkets concerning the products in their offer).·     You will manage the training budget in a better way.
  • You will automize the process of submitting training applications.
  • You will prevent the employees from forgetting about the trainings and ensure that various training do not overlap in time.
  • You will monitor and report the development of particular employees or departments in an easier way.
Would you like to see how the HCM Deck in-company training management system works in practice? Or are you still unsure how this platform could actually help you in your work in this area? Check it out for yourself – take a look at our training management system. In case of any questions, write to us or call us – our experts will be happy to help you!
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