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Hi there, Employee Development Professional!

HCM Deck team

Good to see you here!

We’re HCM Deck – a bunch of people who are veterans of L&D and Talent Management and who remain truly fascinated by employee development. We create an employee development journey platform. 

You can learn more about us here

The reason why HCM Deck (and our blog that we hope you’ll enjoy) came into being arose more than a decade back and two companies earlier

HCM Deck founders – Rafal and Simon

Our founders Simon and Rafał created a service and a solution in the area of recruitment and e-learning. When working with clients first in the European Union, and across the globe, they noticed HR and L&D have three main challenges everywhere:

  • to be impactful on the business outcomes
  • to be impactful on the people journey
  • to make your work smarter

After some time, they also realized two things can champion that in an organization – solid, cross-functional product and practical knowledge. That’s why they created HCM Deck, and that’s how we meet today!

We want to share the latter in a practical way on our blog and through our ebooks, webinars, and events. Stay with us and stay in the know!

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