L&D Expert Insights

Do you want to prove L&D value to business? Stop overprescribing training

How to show L&D is truly beneficial for the company? In this interview, Nick Hindley, L&D practitioner of over 30 years, gives practical tips on how to do it right.
L&D Expert Insights

L&D data analytics, its impact, and how to start implementing it effectively

Learning analytics has been trending in l&d for a while, but is needed now more than ever. We sat down with Lori Niles-Hofmann from NilesNolen to talk it through.
L&D Expert Insights

Digitalization and automation in L&D are no longer abstract concepts

After the pandemic hit, digitalization in L&D is not a matter of discussion, but a necessity. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that come with it from our talk with Bartek Polakowski.
PerformanceTalent Management

How to give feedback. 7 good practices.

Giving it in the right way is key to help your employees grow. Learn our 7 tips.
PerformanceTalent Management

How to accept feedback and grow – 3 useful tips

3 tips that can help you to coach your employees in receiving feedback
HR & BusinessHR and L&D Trends

What You Can Do to Spare Your Company From the Great Resignation

What are the tools companies can use to retain and attract employees when they consider leaving?
Learning & DevelopmentLearning Programs

How Employees Can Improve Training Programs in Their Company

Employees, regardless of tenure, need to be recognized as some of the most crucial voices. And they can help create some of the most valuable L&D programs.
What's up on Deck

What's up on Deck #8. Coming soon to HCM Deck: 360° Review

Why did we decide to implement 360 review on our platform?
What's up on Deck

What's up on Deck #7. Dynamic groups

What are dynamic grups and why are they an interesting addition to an employee development platform?
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