HR and L&D Trends

How AI is Used in Human Resources: The Main Things You Need to Know

There is no doubt artificial intelligence (AI) has a revolutionary impact on businesses regardless of the industry. AI is being applied in different disciplines and sectors today, with human resources…
Learning & DevelopmentPerformanceTalent Management

How to enhance employees’ sense of autonomy through 360° review

For many years now, the 360° review has been considered as one of the most useful and reliable employee development tools. However, despite the numerous benefits it brings to organizations…
Learning & DevelopmentLearning Programs

Evidence-based L&D – what you need to know

In evidence-based approach to business, the best-quality data is used for making the right decisions and setting the right direction. Similar principles can be applied by L&D departments, although currently,…
Learning & DevelopmentSkill mapping

The end of soft skills

All around the world, various aspects of how businesses are run and how employee development is managed in organizations are changing constantly. This is not a revolution: this is an…
Learning & DevelopmentPerformanceTalent Management

Behavior change is difficult. So how to support employees in building new habits?

The beginning of the year is a time when people make plans and resolutions for the following months. Research shows that approximately 80% of these resolutions last no longer than…
Talent Management

6 ways to unleash the potential of seasoned employees.

Some time after hiring an amazing team, managers may notice that employees with longer tenure aren’t living up to their full potential. The article is written by Nick Rubright It’s…
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