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You get a task to increase retention among project managers in a pharmaceutical company. While you've probably faced the challenge of reducing turnover more than once, a development plan may not have been your first answer. And that's exactly how Nick Hindley, an L&D practitioner for more than 30 years, addressed the problem. Spoiler alert: retention among this professional group has remained at over 99% for more than 7 years.

Learn how to get started with learning analytics from Lori Niles Hofmann, Senior Learning EdTech Transformation Strategist at Niles Nolen, see how Natalia Muturi, Board Member at Mzuri, a real estate management company, conducts onboarding, learn about the most interesting trends in employee development according to Bartek Polakowski, CEE Learning Technologies Leader at PwC Polska and check out how to keep a programmer in your company.


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