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Iveta Leneva

Learning and Development Specialist

iveta leneva

Breaking new ground in farming and knowledge distribution

From the very first time NIK stepped into the market, the group accepted the challenge to introduce and integrate cutting-edge agriculture products and technologies that boost effectiveness and lead to informed decisions.

Over time, the organization's focus has remained unchanged. The focus is on precision farming technologies, developing the portfolio of products and services following the current trends for digital farming and smart implements.

To stay innovative, NIK has to effectively onboard and train Product Managers, Technical, Agronomy, Developers, Analytical Chemistry, Sales, Support, and R&D Teams across the six companies within the group. The organization decided it was high time to digitalize the processes. But they had to be as efficient online as in the office.

NIK in numbers

  • 19

    years on the market

  • 2020

    winner of Forbes Business Award for Agriculture

  • 2500+


  • 200

    employees using HCM Deck


Starting work at NIK has never been easier

The courses and the platform are prepared in Bulgarian. New employees have the information laid out clearly, so it does not feel overwhelming. It's simply easy and pleasant to start.

Onboarding tailored for the teams' specific needs

New joiners of any team – product, R&D, or tech all have dedicated onboarding training to swiftly and seamlessly begin new challenges.

Higher knowledge retention

NIK employees can access their courses, materials, and workshops from any device and at any time. As a result, revising the knowledge and accessing it when needed is a piece of cake.

Managers' relief

It's now more convenient to manage new employees and track their progress. Every supervisor has a dashboard for onboarding new hires and can see how far they are in course completion and whether they got to know the necessary material.

Diverse learning opportunities

L&D in the organization keeps growing, and it is easier for NIK to constantly offer new training in different formats based on employees' needs. Be it soft skills, time management, or software.

The secret to a successful project is a solid product and hands-on Customer Support

I thought digitalizing onboarding and training would be an immense challenge. And the process of implementing something new in a company can be intense. You never know what to expect. But with the help of the Customer Success team, it was swift and seamless. Many providers offer unreliable Customer Support, and you have to wait days to get an answer to your question. This is NOT that kind of service. Communication is instant, and any doubt or issue is resolved right away. Before we started, we had deep conversations about our needs. The team often anticipated them and did the tasks before we, at NIK, even commissioned them. The kind of care we received and continue to receive exceeded my expectations, and the implementation project took only four months!

The platform is easy to use for everyone – the new employees and the employees that only remember classroom training. Those who enter the company have everything at hand and are not overwhelmed with the information they have to absorb. At the same time, their manager can easily track their progress, and the assignments differ depending on the line of work, which was very important for us. All learning has the same quality (or even better!) as live training, and all necessary knowledge is gathered in one place and easy to navigate. We continue to deliver learning and development that allows NIK to stay on top of its game.

Iveta Leneva

Learning and Development Specialist

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