We have taken our employees on the path of constant development

Daria Kamińska

Training Manager

Where sports lovers can grow

Decathlon unites sports lovers with a common purpose: to make sport accessible to the many.

Our mission is to sustainably promote the pleasures and benefits of sport. This is only possible when Decathlon people share values, the willingness to achieve the same objectives, and high job satisfaction.

Innovativeness is our priority at all levels of our operation. Our employees benefit from that as they can manage their own development, implement intuitive learning programs, and share their knowledge thanks to personalized learning & development paths.

Decathlon in numbers

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Development within your reach

With just one click and a single URL, our employees get access to various development paths and they can go back to them anytime they want. Thanks to blended learning, they don’t forget what they’ve learned within a week of a training session. The knowledge they gain is regularly consolidated and tested in practice.

Tailored development plans

Employees create their own training plans, based on their positions, additional roles, and needs. By becoming actively engaged in their own development, they get a chance to take part in more courses.

Open organization

Anything available on the learning platform is open to all users. Even learning analytics.

All you need in one place

Online courses, access to on-site courses, useful tools, communities, articles, answers to your questions – they’re all in one place!

Knowledge and experience exchange culture

HCM Deck discussion groups are a platform where Decathlon employees can share their views on the course and their company know-how.

Thanks to HCM Deck, our employees can continuously improve their skills

"Making sport accessible to the many has been our genuine goal for over 40 years at Decathlon: this is the foundation and driving force of all our activities. At the same time, we realize that just by thinking about our goal won’t get us any closer to achieving it. What we need are active people with the right attitudes and competencies: effective employees who take pleasure in their daily work; employees who perform their duties in the best possible way and take individual decisions with the company’s mission in minds. The function of the HR department is to help our employees reach this champion level. This is why we decided to find a tool to support us in that process.

The implementation of the platform at Decathlon took less than 4 months and the HCM Deck team was actively involved in that. I can safely say that the system has fully met our expectations. We designed it so as to enable our employees to gain and strengthen their knowledge in manageable chunks, both in terms of theory and practice. This approach makes the learning process more efficient. In cooperation with the staff of the stores, warehouses, and central offices, we made sure the system is intuitive and easy to use, no matter what responsibilities a given person has. We also made sure our employees have the opportunity to acquire new skills in various areas."

Daria Kamińska

Training Manager

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