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Paweł Ciszek, Paula Bandkowska, Dominika Ćmiel, Sebastian Chmiel

EducAction Project Team

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Biedronka and employee development

Biedronka is the largest chain of discount shops in Poland. It is owned by the Jeronimo Martins group, which dates back as far as 1792. Currently, Jeronimo Martins operates in three countries: Poland, Portugal, and Columbia. In total, the group has over 115 thousand employees. In Poland, JM has operated with the market leader Biedronka since 1995. The Polish JM shops are visited by about 4 million customers every day!

Biedronka actively follows the labor market and L&D trends and analyzes the needs of its staff. To maintain its leading position in the retail sector, Biedronka focuses on its crucial assets: taking care of the development of the company itself as well as its employees.

Biedronka decided to implement a reliable learning & development platform, where every employee, regardless of their position, could share their knowledge and draw from their colleagues’ experience. This is why EducAction was created. This is a space where all employees have access to extended e-learning courses, webinars, other compact learning forms, and so much more! To put it in a nutshell – they learn and develop in a hybrid world.

EducAction one year
after the launch

  • 17 000+

    managers of Biedronka shops used the platform

  • 1 mln+

    employee logins

  • 95 000+

    completed e-learning courses

  • 1.2 mln+

    podcasts, videos and other files played

  • 2 mln+

    times Knowledge Base pages with manuals and procedures were opened

zespół learning and development Biedronki i wersja mobilna platformy HCM Deck w Biedronce


Our organization educates and develops. And the platform is paramount for us to keep doing that.

EducAction is all about development opportunities that are within arm’s reach. All employees can access the platform from anywhere and on almost any device. It is a basis of our learning organization.

Jeronimo Martins joins EducAction

The whole Jeronimo Martins group decided to implement EducAction. The company from Columbia joined in first, and then it was accompanied by the Portuguese companies.

Attracting with knowledge

EducAction has a positive impact on employer branding and image. As a result, it is often mentioned as one of the biggest benefits of working at Jeronimo Martins.

Be inspired!

This is a place created by people. Since EducAction was launched, all employees of Biedronka have become engaged in sending videos and writing articles to talk about their passions. Whenever necessary, we support them in terms of logistics and resources. The videos about trains – a great passion of one of Biedronka’s employees – are a good example of that.

Versatile content and a single source of knowledge

EducAction comprises tutorials, webinars, industry and business press reviews, infographics, and more. The diverse forms of content support learning in the flow of work. Thanks to the choice of content of various sizes, it gets much easier to absorb knowledge. EducAction Knowledge Base is a place that can be accessed by all employees at any time. The flexible search option helps them find the necessary procedures in no time.

Accessible from all devices

During the lunch break, stocktaking, or cooking a new dish – the platform can be used on any device, in any place, for any purpose.

Bank of Ideas

With EducAction, every employee of Biedronka can contribute to making the organization better and friendlier. This can be achieved directly through the Bank of Ideas. This is a space where employees can submit their business or improvement ideas for Biedronka. Within just a month of the platform launch, 500 ideas were submitted! And they are not going to remain ideas only. Every submitted idea is assigned to a person that has to respond to it.

Let’s learn together!

EducAction is a platform for knowledge share. When employees see that their colleagues share some materials about their hobbies, they start doing this themselves. We support social learning. Soon, platform users will be able to subscribe to communication channels and share their insights about the subjects they find interesting.

Navigating through the platform is easy even for the employees who don’t use company software on a daily basis.

We have cooperated with HCM Deck for several years now. Before implementing EducAction in the whole organization, we used HCM Deck as a development platform for 3,000 office employees of Biedronka. While working on the platform, we realized how useful it could be for all our employees. Why? HCM Deck is more than an e-learning platform – it is a comprehensive development platform. It can be used to share not only complex e-learning courses but also other resources, such as podcasts, videos, infographics, tutorials, webinars, and interactive content, e.g. quizzes.

Moreover, HCM Deck can be adjusted to make particular tools accessible (and to make sure the data is safe) after connecting to a network other than the company network. It can also be used on mobile devices.

What matters most is that the HCM Deck team is very responsive and open to feedback, so our cooperation is constantly growing. That’s why we had no doubts about facing that challenge together: implementing EducAction for more than 70 thousand employees of Biedronka.

Biedronka L&D Team

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