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Alicja Anszpergier

E-learning Project and Knowledge Management Coordinator

Alicja Anszpierger

Why was the AVIVA Development Academy created?

In the insurance industry, like in many others, changes take place quicker. The changing market, customer needs, and expectations, legal regulations influencing the sales process and our products. Because of all this, the work of an Insurance Agent requires them to learn quicker, more often, and more effectively than ever before. Not just to be the best, but also to work in this trade at all.

It isn’t the case anymore that you could just learn a product or the sales process. You have to keep learning and gaining new skills and polishing old ones. In a dynamic environment, the need for learning usually arises on the job – when someone is preparing for a sales meeting, or when a customer is asking questions, or upon analysis of results.

But Insurance Agents aren’t full-time employees. Their work time and place aren’t regulated. The need for learning may come at any given place and time. We needed to facilitate access to knowledge and inspiration to adjust to those needs and that's why we created a place called AVIVA Development Academy on the HCM Deck platform.

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Learning happens when need arises

AVIVA Development Academy is a pass to supporting and facilitating self-education to a broader scale than it took place before. It is a tool for promoting pull-based learning, which means a transformation from educating by order of the managers who “directed” their Agents to take part in courses or organized those courses for them, to a culture of learning based on individual activity of the Agents with the support of the organization.

Order is our friend

When creating a Knowledge Base we focused on one hand on organizing content, and on the other on quality and the form of training materials. We carefully reviewed all materials we had and arranged them in logical modules in such a way so that moving about the database is as intuitive as possible for the Agents.

Diversity of learning content

We also care for the substantial quality of the materials and their form. We focus, among others, on microlearning (short simple forms), although we also include longer formats, e.g. seminar recordings with subject experts and best Agents, who share their knowledge and experiences.

Mobile & desktop

We were focusing on availability, we couldn’t forget about mobile devices. We decided to take advantage of a platform that was accessible also on mobile devices in the Responsive Web Design model, meaning a mobile website. We also made sure that most of our materials are available on mobile phones and tablets in reader-friendly formats.

HCM Deck made access to knowledge an instant

"We already had quite extensive experience in blended learning programs before discovering the possibility to address individual, current needs of our Agents. However, we needed a space that will foster constant learning, and along came HCM Deck. First of all the AVIVA Development Academy had to be a fully safe and secure place for thousands of our employees – and HCM Deck is 100% compliant with our security standards.

With the platform, our Agents do learn in the flow of work and our content addresses their needs directly. This change does not just take place by itself and it doesn’t happen overnight. Therefore we constantly support it with different activities: promoting the AVIVA Development Academy during regional and central assemblies, regularly informing our people of any new items in our newsletter. referring to the contents of the knowledge base in our training activities when on the job, gathering opinions and feedback from users, constantly looking for new forms and content."

Alicja Anszpergier

E-learning Project and Knowledge Management Coordinator

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